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Featured model: Wrought Iron Gate

iron gate by bondiana3d 3d

Hi there! We want to share with you our 3d model ‘Wrought Iron Gate‘. This is our featured model for september month. This model is very detailed with low poly count. Perfect for your games, scenes or animation project. It will make a unique detail for your architecture project. Perfect for an incredible render to use for your clients and usable multiple times. You can move its parts to open the door for more realism.

This model only has 10804 polygons but it contains very detailed maps such as albedo, normal, specular and displacement for more realistic shape.

It also has a variety of formats to suit all your needs. It’s available for cinema4D, 3ds, fbx, obj, 3dsmax and maya.

You can find it in our store collection or HERE.

more than 400 models uploaded by bondiana3d.com

More than 400 models uploaded

Yeah! We reach the magic number. Our collection now has more than 400 models uploaded. You can find a lot of 3d assets with a lot of categories and diversity. From houses, animals, architecture, vehicles and more. What are you waiting for to checking it out?

You can find all of our collection in the store link just below:

Bondiana3d.com Store

Our adventure began back in 2011 with our first model uploaded: ‘The Clock’ a simple asset for decoration what a long way to come here!

First model uploaded by Bondiana3D.com ‘The Clock’

Celebrate with us this incredible number and remember you can use our -10% OFF in our entire collection.

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New year and new renders

Sketchfab and bondiana3d.com join forces.

Sketchfab and Bondiana3D.com join forces


Hi all! We’ve miss you, but now we’re back! We want to announce that we’re going to upload our collection to another store with a lot of content and even some surprises for you! Bondiana3d is now on sketchfab store!

We started with one of our first 3d models, the U-Boat Submarine. You can try it in the preview window and play with it, inspect it or whatever! Soon we’ll add more! Stay alert! 🙂


You can check our collection on Sketchfab HERE.

We also are trying to improve our presentations and previews so you can experience the true 3D vision! Be the first to comment it, don’t be shy!