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more than 400 models uploaded by bondiana3d.com

More than 400 models uploaded

Yeah! We reach the magic number. Our collection now has more than 400 models uploaded. You can find a lot of 3d assets with a lot of categories and diversity. From houses, animals, architecture, vehicles and more. What are you waiting for to checking it out?

You can find all of our collection in the store link just below:

Bondiana3d.com Store

Our adventure began back in 2011 with our first model uploaded: ‘The Clock’ a simple asset for decoration what a long way to come here!

First model uploaded by Bondiana3D.com ‘The Clock’

Celebrate with us this incredible number and remember you can use our -10% OFF in our entire collection.

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Blender is coming!

Bondiana 3d models

Bondiana 3d models

Blender is coming!

Hi all! We’re proud to announce that we’re going to offer blender support very soon!!! Yes, we’re aware that a lot of 3d graphic designer love working with Blender, and many of you had asked for this support on our collection so very, very soon, we’ll update our collection with blender files. Of course, we’ll offer all of our regular formats such 3dstudio max, Maya, Cinema4D and obj, fbx and 3ds.

We’re making a big effort to offer you the best solutions for your projects so, we’ll try to do this upgrade the sooner the better. Remember that you can check our new models in our store.

Bondiana 3D Store

Stay tuned for the upgrade!!!