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New year and new renders

Sketchfab and bondiana3d.com join forces.

Sketchfab and Bondiana3D.com join forces


Hi all! We’ve miss you, but now we’re back! We want to announce that we’re going to upload our collection to another store with a lot of content and even some surprises for you! Bondiana3d is now on sketchfab store!

We started with one of our first 3d models, the U-Boat Submarine. You can try it in the preview window and play with it, inspect it or whatever! Soon we’ll add more! Stay alert! 🙂


You can check our collection on Sketchfab HERE.

We also are trying to improve our presentations and previews so you can experience the true 3D vision! Be the first to comment it, don’t be shy!

Floating submarine 3D animation / Submarino flotando animación 3D

Floating submarine 3D animation

No, this time is not a new model. In fact this is one of the first models created by us about 10 years ago. So, this is a floating submarine 3D animation. What we want to show you is a little animation with this old model. We wanted to test the ocean waves movement to make a realistic scene. We know we need a lot of improvement but this is a promising first try. You can see a complete render in our gallery over here:

Bondiana 3D’s gallery.

What do you think? I hope to hear news from you and, of course, all comments are apreciated. You can leave your opinion here, or in the web.

Of course, if you want to use this model you can get it:

3D Model submarine U-boat.

Submarino flotando animación 3D

En esta ocasión no traemos un nuevo modelaje. De hecho, se trata de uno de los primeros modelos que creamos hace más de 10 años. Sin embargo, lo que queriamos hacer era una pequeña prueba para intentar recrear el movimientos de las olas en pleno oceano. Sabemos que tenemos mucho que mejorar pero queriamos mostraros este primer test tan prometedor. También podeís ver un render completo en la sección galería de nuestra web, aquí:

Galería de Bondiana 3D.

¿Que opináis? Ya sabeís que podeis dejar un comentario o contactar con nosotros a través de la web.

Por supuesto, si queréis usar este modelo, se encuentra disponible a través del siguiente link:

Modelo 3D submarino U-boat.