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New Featured Model: Magnifying glass

3d Model of a Magnifiyng Glass by bondiana3d.com
3d Model of a Magnifiyng Glass by bondiana3d.com

Hi there! We’re back another month and with a new featured model. This time, we want to share with you our 3d model ‘Magnifying Glass‘. Another month, another surprise!. This model is very detailed with low poly count. Perfect for your games, scenes or animation project.

This model only has 1764 polygons but it contains very detailed maps such as albedo, normal, specular and displacement for more realistic shape.

It also has a variety of formats to suit all your needs. It’s available for cinema4D, 3ds, fbx, obj, 3dsmax and maya.

You can find it in our store collection or HERE.

New 3d Model Available!

New 3d Model Available! Ancient Roman soldier by bondiana3d.com

3d Model of an ancient Roman soldier by bondiana3d.com

New 3d model available! Roman soldier sculpture

New 3d Model Available! Yes, we’re proud to present our latest 3d model: The Roman soldier sculpture! This is a detailed low poly model, sculpted with a lot of details and with baked textures to suit your graphics need. You can use it to decor a variety of locations such as games, environments or whatever you want!

This model has detailed textures with maps: Diffuse, Normal, Bump, Displacement and Specular. All in one package and with differents formats available!

Render 3d model roman by bondiana3d.comRender 3d model roman by bondiana3d.com

New 3d Model Available! Ancient Roman soldier 3d model rendered by Bondiana3d.com

Check it out in the following link to discover our new 3d Model Available! And don’t forget that you can ask us for more info about it:

3D Model of Roman soldier

Remember that we have a lot of models in our collection, so don’t forget to check it out if you need something for your project. We’re also available for freelance work 🙂

Ice cave 3d model

3d model ice cave by bondiana3d.com

Ice cave 3d model by bondiana3d.com

Ice cave 3d model

It’s snow time! So we’re pround to share with you our new asset and its render, an ice cave 3d model! Of course, we added some details as stalactites, ice natural columns and a frozen pond. All in one!

As always, you can see the complete render in our gallery section of the web. And of course, we added this model to our collection for purchase, don’t hesitate to check it out 😉

Ice Cave 3d model

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Cueva de hielo 3D

Es tiempo de nieve! Por eso estamos muy contentos de mostrarte nuestro ultimo modelado y su correspondiente renderizado 3d, ¡Una cueva de hielo! Por supuesto hemos añadido algunos detalles como estalagmitas, columnas de hielo naturales y charcos congelados. ¡Todo en uno!

Como siempre, ya sabes que puedes visitar el render al completo en nuestra galería de la web. Y por supuesto, hemos puesto a la venta el modelo, ¡No te lo pierdas! 😉

Modelo 3d cueva de hielo

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